Eclectic Kids Rooms

Don’t you just love eclectic style? I’ve thought about trying to make this style happen in my home for years, but, to be honest – I’m terrified! It takes such a unique, talented eye to pull it all together. It requires a mix of old and new, shabby chic and modern, unique and familiar. For a little extra inspiration, we have decided to put together a plain ol’ gorgeous post on just plain ol’ gorgeous electic kids rooms!

I’m loving this fantastic feature in this eclectic kids room feature! Don’t you love how she utilized embroidery hoops like these?
How fun and funky is this eclectic kids room?!
Adore that amazing wall in this fun boys beachy abode!
Gosh… this boy-ish eclectic room! Those prints on the wall are gorgeous!
This whimsical eclectic kids room is stunning! I love the way she utilizes this dresser to bring a contemporary feel to the eclectic and whimsical nursery!
THAT TEEPEE. I’m loving everything about this room – never in a million years would I think that fawn would look fantastic in a room, but it REALLY works!
Isn’t this room fantastic? I’m loving the sweet and boy-ish vintage touches!
Love this quirky tween girls room!
Isn’t this so glam?! Loving this room for so many reasons!
This is a fantastic example of a gender neutral and shared eclectic kids room. I can’t get enough of it!
If you are looking for more eclectic-ness (is that a word? Probably not!), be sure to check out this post for more fantastic ideas, this mod-eclectic nursery, or this gorgeous rustic room!
Are you a fan of the eclectic style? Where do you typically find your decor pieces? Spill the beans with us in the comments!

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