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25 Trendsetting Gender-Neutral Baby Names

When we named Post-Gender Baby Names as our Number 1 trend for 2016, we were mostly just guessing. Oh sure, the guess was backed up by some strong cultural trends, from marriage equality to trans recognition, as well as a raft of celebrity baby names.

But when The New York Times asked us whether we could back up the trend with, you know, actual statistics, we weren’t entirely positive what we’d find. Baby name prognosticating is as tricky as any other kind of forecasting, relying as much on instinct as on science. Our gut told us that baby names that defied gender categories were on the rise for both girls and boys. But would the numbers bear that out?
Our discovery, as reported in The New York Times by Alex Williams: The number of babies with truly unisex names — those most evenly split between the sexes — has exploded in the past ten years. And boys are getting these post-gender names as often as girls, with 60 percent more babies getting gender-neutral names in 2015 than in 2005. H…

Eclectic Kids Rooms

Don’t you just love eclectic style? I’ve thought about trying to make this style happen in my home for years, but, to be honest – I’m terrified! It takes such a unique, talented eye to pull it all together. It requires a mix of old and new, shabby chic and modern, unique and familiar. For a little extra inspiration, we have decided to put together a plain ol’ gorgeous post on just plain ol’ gorgeous electic kids rooms!
I’m loving this fantastic feature in this eclectic kids room feature! Don’t you love how she utilized embroidery hoops like these? How fun and funky is this eclectic kids room?!